would like everyone to BUY THESE BOOKS "The Tulip Virus"  "Deadbeat Dad"

others might say "don't buy my book UNLESS you want to LEARN THE FACTS ABOUT VIRUSES and the constant lies we are being told about them" a book by Torsten Engelbrecht

Renewable energy is a DEAD/END

as is all virus hunting expeditions

"we would pretty much have to destroy the environment in order to produce the same amount of electricity that fossil fuels are producing today"

viruses are cellular debris not Godzillus
to go hunting viruses is like hunting poop
to shut down, separate, cover faces is insanity

renewables are using more energy and adding more CO2 prints on the mind while invisible carbonated air is all recycled and never forms heat or cold trapping blankets anyway

Robert Willner called out the HI virus fraud and Fauci's lies long ago buy his book

watch him speak here about it where he pointed out the top cause of AIDS is not a virus at all it's 2 medical drugs

What might an artist know about viruses that the rest of us don't know. It might just be
dimensional perspective.

"The Infectious Myth"
is a book project by David Crowe that looks at what is not causing disease, you don't have to buy his book right now to read some of it and the latest installations are ground restoring in creating a world free of panic about subsets of subsets of subsets of subsets of miniscule invisible ghosts



Undercover Epicenter Nurse
takes a look at the horror that occured in the spring of 2020 when undue panic took hold of the public and of all governing bodies and nursing home patients were left to die

review of book "Merchants of Despair"

Today's Date is always on calendars



various authors have stated "Don't Buy My Book" why would they do this?
L. Diane Wolfe

Her website says something about a Don't Buy My Book blog tour. She wants readers to buy her brand, not her book. She helped author a book along with other authors called "The Insecure Writer's Support Group Guide To Publishing and Beyond" which costs $0.00 in a e-dition. There's also this one that is published just by her and costs $2.99 but remember she said "Don't Buy My Book"!

Wayne Stiles

Wayne Stiles said "Don't buy my book - YET!" to wait until August 18 but that date has already passed so it is available today. He made this statement regarding his book 'Waiting On God' which apparently gets a whopping 5 star rating from readers!

Seth Godin

For a period of time Seth Godin did not want anyone to buy his book 'Everyone's an Expert (About Something)' on saying that he just wanted people to read it for free, but oddly enough he says the company was found to have republished the book due to a creative Commons license that Mr. Godin granted. You can find more here at Seth's blog. I could not find that book that was published on but did find this one.

Adam J. Whitlatch

This author made this direct statement "Don't Buy My Book" as shown here. In particular he does not want you to buy from the eBay seller "booksthatsell" claiming that they offered his book as "signed" which he disputes. You can buy his book 'The Weller' here

Deborah Heal

She asked not to buy her third book in her trilogy 'Every Hill and Mountain' until April 1 but that was for 2013 so the book is now available here along with two other great books!

James Clarke

This author James Clarke pleaded with customers at first to only buy his book 'Vernon Downs' from the small publisher direct instead of from His website features more of his collection. You can buy the book here or at!


Merchants Of Despair

One very bad point of that book "Merchants Of Despair" is that it embraces pesticides like those now being FORCED ON all commercial establishments in the new world war on invisible things "for our health" which is creating a horrible smell of disinfectant fumigation as they are spraying these chemical weapons all day long in these establishments. Read the warning lables the fumes are toxic. They are VOC's that we are warned about in paint thinner, turpentine, etc. I wonder if they are made from China's chemical waste from all the industry. Food absorbs these chemical fumes and we then ingest them though they may be a small amount. Virus hunters don't care about this they have their weapons of war. Worse is we are being forced to breathe these fumes in as if we are in the middle of crop dusting, it goes immediately into our lungs and system killing healthy bacteria and burning up cells. Our lungs and blood cells are being raped by these chemicals and public health is telling us this is healthy as they hunt for viruses as far up in outer and inner space as Uranus and Pluto which is a rock, no planet, no rock, no wait, committee decided it was a figment of our imagination after they came back to the table after being high on weed then said "Hell with it" and flipped a coin. All of these pesticides used against vectors are harmful to humans when exposed to them yet there is so much money made for business and retirement portfolios there is rarely the politician or anyone dependent on lucrative financial gains who is against them. Pesticides applied to crops is one thing as they are washed off mostly though some is absorbed they are small amounts that reach the human body, except in workers being exposed from the applications, but now with these fumigants in public places being sprayed and wiped all day long where the fumes are so bad you can be walking past one outside and the smell comes blasting out the doors when they open at the entrances. It's like smelling the horrible fumes from an epoxy lacquering body shop yet this is done "for our health". Obviously public health authorities are now either insane or they are shills for the chemical companies or both or worse. I wonder are the environmentalists coming out in droves anywhere taking issue with all these chemical fumigants ending up in the atmosphere of our lungs and of Earth and attempting to protest this new Faucist regime? Disinfectants are pesticides and should not be used this way. They are now even spraying barbells at the health clubs with these chemicals roaming through the club spraying everything with their pesticide sprayers like we do outdoors around our homes and just letting it all dry, creating fumes trapped in these establishments after the world's public health authorities closed them for months "for our health". Hellooooooooo. Is anyone going to get that?      Thank you for visiting our page!