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Various authors have stated "Don't Buy My Book"

L. Diane Wolfe

Her website says something about a Don't Buy My Book blog tour. She wants readers to buy her brand, not her book. She helped author a book along with other authors called "The Insecure Writer's Support Group Guide To Publishing and Beyond" which costs $0.00 in a e-dition. There's also this one that is published just by her and costs $2.99 but remember she said "Don't Buy My Book"!



Wayne Stiles

Wayne Stiles said "Don't buy my book - YET!" to wait until August 18 but that date has already passed so it is available today. He made this statement regarding his book 'Waiting On God' which apparently gets a whopping 5 star rating from readers!



Seth Godin

For a period of time Seth Godin did not want anyone to buy his book 'Everyone's an Expert (About Something)' on saying that he just wanted people to read it for free, but oddly enough he says the company was found to have republished the book due to a creative Commons license that Mr. Godin granted. You can find more here at Seth's blog. I could not find that book that was published on but did find this one.

Adam J. Whitlatch

This author made this direct statement "Don't Buy My Book" as shown here. In particular he does not want you to buy from the eBay seller "booksthatsell" claiming that they offered his book as "signed" which he disputes. You can buy his book 'The Weller' here

Deborah Heal

She asked not to buy her third book in her trilogy 'Every Hill and Mountain' until April 1 but that was for 2013 so the book is now available here along with two other great books!

James Clarke

This author James Clarke pleaded with customers at first to only buy his book 'Vernon Downs' from the small publisher direct instead of from His website features more of his collection. You can buy the book here or at!
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